Unremitting Joy – 28

They recognised Jesus as he broke the bread, as he had done in that Upper Room.

Breaking of Bread

A simple act, a daily act, an act which they would have seen and done themselves countless times before, but this time new understanding came with that simplest of actions.

All too often we think it is the grand gestures that change the world, yet it is often the smallest simplest things that can make the real difference in people’s lives.  While the symbolism of this particular act rings out for those who have faith, for those who are hungry in today’s world the simple breaking and sharing of our bread, of what we have, can enrich their lives.  A small word of kindness can spark a ray of love into someone’s life.  An act of acceptance, a turning of the other cheek, being generous of spirit, giving selflessly, all these small things can change someone’s world and help them to see that Jesus is right there beside them too.


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