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Well there is a question, who am I?  I suppose there are lots of straightforward answers to that.  I am a priest in the Scottish Episcopal Church; I am a mother to two adults , when did that happen they were but baby’s five minutes ago?  I am a wife to Paul who also blogs, mostly about his modelling over on Flying the Camel; I am a daughter and a sister and love to drive ‘Baby’ my Mazda MX5 that Paul bought for me when the children left hom.  Cars, not all cars see below, are a passion as is F1, if money was no object I would spend the F1 season travelling the world following the calendar, while back home in the garage would be sitting a classic roadster and a Lotus for everyday driving – hey a gal can dream.

I am constantly seeing things make me wish I could paint or draw but I can’t really (although I am becoming happier with my results and appear to have found my artists voice).  You will find some of my bits on the blog, mainly the religious ones.  I usually have a camera somewhere close by with it I try to capture those images which make me smile, laugh, sigh or feel elated, happy or wistful.  I am not however a photographer, while on holiday in Wester Ross I saw this slogan and wholeheartedly agree with it – just because you own a camera, doesn’t make you a photographer – my photographs are memory records rather than works of art, although there a couple of shots that I struck it lucky with.

I love – angels, cooking, champagne, footwear and handbags (well I am female) and listening to music just about any kind, I am passionate about good design and would love to have a home full of delightful arts and crafts pieces, hence my love of trolling through antique shops and browsing on e-bay.  I am also a big fan of old films, Doris Day, Audrey Hepburn and Jimmy Stewart being my firm favorites, a cold winters afternoon with a glass of wine a bar of chocolate and Some Like it Hot, followed by Calamity Jane, followed by Breakfast at Tiffany’s and rounded off with It’s a Wonderful Life sounds pretty good to me.  Reading, oh how I love to read but rarely seem to have the time.  The books I would never part with (steering clear of theology for that would make the list too big) are What a Carve Up by Jonathon Coe; The Count of Monte Cristo by Alandera Dumas; Northhanger Abbey by Jane Austen; The Tortilla Curtain by T C Boyle; Great Expectations by Charles Dickens; A History of the World in 10 1/2 Chapters by Julian Barnes; Birdsong by Sebastian Faulks; From the Holy Mountain by William Dalrymple; The Geographer’s Library by Jon Fasman; Miss Garnet’s Angel by Sally Vickers; The Millennium Trilogy by Stieg Larsson; His Dark Materials Trilogy by Philip Pullman; Magic Woodland Series by Beverly Nichols; the Time Quintet by Madeleine L’Engle; Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carol.  Of course there are lots of others that I love, you would have to tear away from me the historic biographies and novels and I would bemoan the loss of many others simply because they were no longer there to maybe pick up once again.  Those listed above are the novels that I have read and enjoyed on multiple occasions and there may be some missing that for the moment have escaped by dubious memory.

I don’t like spiders (unless they are the four-wheeled variety); offal (although I will cook it for others); 4×4’s unless you live on a farm, up a mountain, or somewhere that has constant lying snow for at least two months of the year you don’t need one – those American half truck/half 4×4 things are worse (people you are not a cowboy and don’t live in the Wild West); excess packaging (why should I have to pay for that and pretty soon have to pay to get it taken away when I never wanted it in the first place!)

You will find a whole hotchpotch of things on my blog.  Some people keep their blogs for certain corners of their lives only, I …, well the journey I have made to get where I now am means I am less bothered about people not liking me, or a particular aspect of me, so you get the lots warts and all.  That also means that you will get things that are still being mulled over and thought through – this isn’t a paper for a degree or research project, it is a personal blog, some of it is religious, a lot of it isn’t, some you wont like, but I hope you find something you do.

Currently I am Rector of All Saints, Bearsden on the north side of Glasgow.


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