Christmas Eve 2014


2014 saw a tragic run up to Christmas in Glasgow as a bin lorry ploughed into Christmas shoppers in one of the most iconic areas of Glasgow at Christmas time, George Square.  The tragedy was a reminder that for many people Christmas isn’t a time in which joy is experienced.  Ever Christmas sees people dealing with the first Christmas without a loved one, while for others there will be no Christmas joy because daily iiving is difficult enough, and for yet others it will be a lonely time – not out of choice which an increasing number are choosing to do – but out of circumstances beyond their control, their only company memories which remind them of their loneliness.

This painting was a long time in coming, painted on an A3 canvas board it had painted and re-painted countless times, before the latest incarnation sat on the easel for virtually the whole of Advent in complete.  Then suddenly amidst the sorrow of the day I knew what it needed.  Titled ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas’ .

The night before Christmas we are still waiting the joy and hope has not yet arrived, God alone knew that this was going to be the day.  As I prayed for those who didn’t even have hope to guide them through to the joy of Christmas the picture was suddenly, finally completed and with it a prayer.  A prayer for all those lost in any kind of fog this, a prayer and a hope that Christmas will break through the fog and shine brightly in their lives.   This for me is the cusp of Advent hope and Christmas peace.  The night before Christmas, that micro second before the angels burst into song.