Religious Painting

On a whim I started painting, it was very much a disaster to start with.  Some might say it still is, however, I have started to find my artists voice – as they say – and while I continue to paint in a variety of ways I have found that contemplation as I prepared sermons or liturgies I found expressing with paint and canvas.

In this section of my blog you will find the art works I have done associated to religion, with some of my thought process behind them.

Should you wish you are welcome to use any of these images as long as you are not using them for profit, there is no need to attribute them if they are used within a religious context.  They are arranged through the Liturgical Year with the more general ones being at the end.

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Advent Series 2015

Christmas Eve 2014

Christmas Day 2015

Epiphany Triptych 2016


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Baptism of our Lord

Water and the dove from Luke’s Gospel.



A piece titled ‘The Cusp’.  Exploring the visit to the Temple of Mary, Joseph and Jesus 40 days after Jesus’ birth.


EasteAll doner Season

For the 40 days of Easter in 2015 I produced a small picture related to one aspect of the Easter story.  Rather than linking 40 posts I have linked the first one and if you are interested they just about follow one after another.  They series is  titled ‘Unremitting Joy’.

Refiners Fire


This piece called ‘Refiner’s Fire’ focuses on the Holy Spirit as an all consuming flame and the preciousness of those touched by it.


The saints are listed in alphabetic order, clicking on the picture will take you to the relative page when the picture was posted.

St Andrew

St Andrew