All Around – Psalm 123 – (a response)

We cry to God for mercy.

The psalmist cries look up
to the heavens where you are throned, yet –
look down,
there you are
look left or right
and your majesty can be found.

We are placed amidst your glory
central to your mercy.
Look away from the heavens and
still your presence abides.
In the face of friend and stranger.
In kind deed and word.

Your love fills up the broken cracks
of this world,
of our lives.
Your mercy shakes it down
and packs it tight.

Help us to clear those cracks
from the detritus we horde in them,
the seeds of discontent,
irritating grit,
desolate dust.
The unkind deed,
the harsh remark,
the judgemental heart.
The things we soak up from outwith …
the things we cultivate within.

So you can fill them with your richness.

We need not lift our eyes to see your mercy
somewhere vaguely above,
if we but open them we can see your love all around
the gold beautifying the cracks.(Kintsugi is the Japanese custom of mending broken porcelain with golden lacquer, it means golden joinery.  Objects rather than being discarded continue to be of use and become more beautiful and precious through the history of their breakages being on show.  In more recent times things other than porcelain have been given the same treatment.)


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