Dance – Psalm 30 (a response)

Dance –
you wish us to dance
to rejoice and be glad.

To cast aside all that holds our feet fast
that deadens our tread,
turns firm rock to bog,
whips up a calm sea
warns each step … with imagined

Mute the words
that thwart the sound of your music
soaring like swifts, freedom unbounded,
gracefully swooping then diving
extending crescendos of harmony
tuned for our souls.
Help us to hear your music and dance.

Dance, let us dance,
our bodies released from all that
binds and restricts them;
our souls libertated to rise
and entwine with your Spirit.
Clothe us with a rainbow of joy
red, orange and yellow,
green, blue, indigo and violet –
painting our movements with praise and thanksgiving.

Take off our mourning and turn it to dancing,
take off our sackcloth and cloth us with joy.


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