Thanks Be – Psalm 138 (a response)

Grazie, Merci, Gracias,
Arigato, Danke sehr.
Whatever tongue
whatever voice
whatever word
Thanks be.

Thanks be Love that knows no bounds.
Thanks be Love that knows no end.
Thanks be for sound and sight of reflected glory,
above, below, around,
all around.

Thanks be, for open eyes,
for open ears,
for open mouths,
for open hearts,
for open minds.

Thanks be for lifting up,
where others might cast low
or even walk on by.

Thanks be for bringing strength
where others scoff
at weakness, vulnerability, and need.

Thanks be for the protecting wing
a safe breathing space
to rebuild and
to build
hope for those others cast aside.

Grazie, Merci, Arigato.
For all the times we did not know,
or did not understand the language used.
Gracias, Danke sehr.
That now we see
were once we were blind.

Today, tomorrow,
every tomorrow yet to come
thanks be
another day to say once more thanks be
our ever present friend.



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