The Joy of being Known – Psalm 139:1-6, 13-18 (a response)

O God you know all about us.
The bits we put on show and the bits we hide.
You know our glorious potential
the wealth, not only of our bank balance but also our talents.
You know what we could be
what we will be
and you know how we try and stop it,
stall it,
change it
from your likeness into ours.
You know our reasons and our excuses,
and you pour your light on
them and challenge us to recognise them for what they are.
We can not fool you, you look deep within us
you lift us up beyond our imagining,
giving life to that we thought lifeless.
We are never invisible to you
although we might wish at times we were.
You are the keeper of our days.
The keeper of our lives.
The keeper of our souls.
Our lives, to you, are an open book
but we need not be afraid or anxious
You want only what is good for us.
Your ways
can never be trumped by our follies,
structures we think of as indestructible,
yet are not built to your blueprint.
Your ways are merciful, just and true.
Lord of the Sabbath, Lord of eternity.


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