You are Precious

This morning we used the Kenotic Bowls in Church.  I know I shouldn’t say this, but I thought they looked rather beautifully twinkling in the church lights.  Each bowl gathered this morning represented a member of the congregation, but also bigger than that, they were representative of all people.  People who are precious to God.   It is easy at times to forget that God sees us as precious, we can be caught in the daily drudge, we can be weighed down by our worries and concerns, we can be so busy thinking of other people’s good qualities that we can forget that we ourselves are also precious and God is ready and waiting to relieve us of our burdens and refill us.

Everyone got a bowl and also a card with a little about the rationale behind the bowl, to keep.  While around the church larger white bowls were filled to overflowing with doves representing God’s love and blessings.  Yes we are precious and God is ready and willing to bless and shower us with love, denying ourselves doesn’t mean going without, it means we leave room for even better than we could manage on our own.  So the congregation where encouraged to take some of those doves and put them in their bowl.  Precious and showered with God’s love and blessings.

Maybe I shouldn’t be apologising for saying I thought the bowls looked beautiful, for they represent we ourselves and we are beautiful, we are precious and that means it is only right that the bowls should be too.

Precious aren’t they?  And so are you!


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