We crossed the causeway not certain that a puffin would be seen, it was still early in the season and despite one having been reported the previous week, it had remained elusive since.

And so I took a picture of yet another view … then

Hello, is anyone out here?

Hello, is anyone out here?

I need a peedie stretch, I’ve been hiding down that crevice and can’t have a proper stretch down there.

Oh, there you are, you will be wanting a photo I take it.

Most like this pose …

… but I think this is my better side.

This is all so tiring for a peedie puffin like me …

… I will give you my over the shoulder coy look and then I am going back in.

Shows over, che …

… what?


I am a puffin this is the best bow I can do.

No, no more, I am shy I am going back in my crevice.



In case you were wondering, below is the cliff once again with an arrow marking where the puffin was, and no it wont do you any good zooming in, I have already done that and he couldn’t be seen just those 30 seconds earlier.


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