In the Beginning

Today is Ash Wednesday, the beginning of Lent, the day when some Christians go to church and have an ash cross marked on their forehead to remind them or their mortality.  Child of God, remember from ash you came and to ash you will return.

Ash, dust, particles.

In the beginning when Love, Light and Breath stirred up the nothingness, sent atoms to clash and fuse with each other.

In the beginning when The Thought, The Word, The Sigh, agitated the void; substance making, consuming and scattering darkness and nothingness further and further away.

In the beginning, from that dust storm we came.

It is good to remind ourselves we are mortal, to look afresh on our own lives and the world.

To try once more during these 40 days to get things, at least a bit, back to the time when God looked at it was good.  And to take that goodness into the days beyond Lent.

It is good to remind ourselves that we are but ash, but we are God’s ash, and boy does that make us special.



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