Remembering a Smile

This week we said farewell to Edna.  She had, in my opinion, the most incredible smile.  May she rest in peace and rise in glory.

She was already frail when first I met her.
Small and frail,
a puff of wind could have blown her away like a crisp autumn leaf.
Her smile though, that was far from frail.
A smile like that could welcome anyone,
coming, as it did, from deep within.
Deep within her enormous heart overflowing with love
and not just for those who had her blood running through their veins.
How did a body so small and frail, hold a heart so big?

A smile that lightened the day not only of those who witnessed it,
but also her own eyes.  A light from deep inside.
making them twinkle and dance, echoing when she had once skimmed across a dancefloor.

A smile that made her years fade and masked her pain,
not behind a veil but as if it never was.
Pain is pain and life is life, pain should not rule any life,
and so she let a smile and Love rule hers.

A smile which made the air surround her sing,
like that scene from Snow White, you know the one.
When all the creatures of the forest gather around, for joy and love reigns supreme.
A Smile and a Song – I don’t think I ever heard her sing.

But now that joy has turned to sorrow,
the air stale and dank,
the pain is real, a life has gone.
Dancing and twinkling replaced with
somber tune struck in minor key,
A smile now in memory and photograph alone, but still …
proclaiming hope,
declaring love,
instilling peace.

She was already small and frail when first I met her,
yet that smile.  She is,
and always will be, big and strong in memory.
she never walked alone and through her smile, not just her love
but God’s love shone.


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