After the Cross

Each cross carried the same weight.  Each cross counted equally.  Some crosses take us into the dark.

Avenue of Lost Souls © Dez GreenAvenue of Lost Souls © Dez Green

Recriminations will get us nowhere.  Blame will not help build a future only make us look back making the furrow we are now ploughing crooked causing more problems in the future.

For months we stood at a crossroads, this today we have discovered the direction we are now on and, like it or not, it is a one way street so we have a choice.

Those who voted to leave can gloat, those who voted to remain can moan.

Or we can work together.

Maybe it is easier to say that from Scotland.  In Scotland we have much experience in voting one way and having to live with another, this time is no different.  However there is a better example for us to follow.

Many years ago a group of people that had hoped for much woke to discover the difference a cross had made.  They too had a choice, they could continue to live the old life of death.   Or they could, despite their fears, make the best of the new life that now was laid before them, even though they weren’t quite sure what it meant.  Then they had to keep on living it, even when things seemed to be going oh so wrong.  To make that new life the best life, better than the life they had once believed in, for that new life was their future.

For the sake of all our futures, for the children not yet born, for the people who will still be searching for a place of safety and peace to live.  For the sake of those who are fearful of the future, for the people who find themselves staring into the face of poverty.  For those people and for many others, we need to make that painful walk from the cross and the yet more painful one to the tomb and for a while into its darkness, for it is always darkest before the dawn and I believe in the Risen Son.

Leading to Light


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