Are you ready?

Tomorrow’s dawn sees that last day of unending joy.  With the the Holy Spirit’s arrival at Pentecost the liturgical season turns away from Easter,  Away from the rising of the Son of God to the sending of the Spirit and her empowering so that Jesus’ message, of love and hope and peace is spread to the ends of the earth.

But .. also on this night for some Christ lies in the tomb.

In our congregation we have some Egyptian Coptic’s and tonight they will be taking part in their own Easter Vigil.  I must admit that I like the fact that they are starting the Easter season which we have just come to the end of.  Surely those days of unremitting joy shouldn’t really end tomorrow, but continue on.  Each and every Christian’s faith is in a slightly different stage and that seems emphasised by tomorrow being both Pentecost and Easter, making me less inclined to support the idea of a common Easter than I had previously been.

So while we see the dawn of the arrival of the Holy Spirit, others are looking into the Garden to see an empty tomb.

This juxtaposition has made me think.  How successful has our 50 days been?  Have we rushed with the joy of Mary and spread the Good News?  Have we taken our doubts and worked through them?  Have we trusted and cast our nets the other side?  Have we seen Jesus in the breaking of the bread with strangers?  Have we been encouraged by Christ’s belief in us and loved, cared, fed others?  Have we taken courage from Jesus’ ascension trusting that it will always be there to guide us?  Has Christ risen or is he still in that cold dark tomb, not because God hasn’t raised him but because we haven’t even looked?  Have we already decided just what Christ is, was and will be and have nothing more to learn?

Alleluia! Christ has risen!

Or has he?

Will he?


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