What If?

Were you wondering what happened, well this is what I ended up saying. Not until we had gone right past the usual sermon slot, right past the Eucharist and even the blessing.  Then when they thought they were going to get to sing Thine be the Glory I stood there and asked.  What if?

What if when the women had arrived at the tomb, the stone was still rolled over the opening?

What if the stone had been rolled away but the women hadn’t gone with their spices?

What if Mary, hadn’t recognised Jesus’ voice and gone home wondering if the gardener knew more than he was saying?

What if Peter and John, hadn’t gone rushing to the tomb but thought the women were just overwhelmed with grief?

What if Cleopas and his companion hadn’t recognised Jesus in the breaking of the bread?

What if the disciples had screamed with terror and gone rushing out of the room, before Christ’s peace rested upon them?

What if Thomas had seen and said, nope I don’t believe, it is scientifically impossible?

What if the disciples having gone back to Galilee and some of them their boats and seen someone waving on the beach and pointing at a fire and thought, whose that, then recast their nets hoping this time to catch some fish?

What if none of the people whom Jesus appeared to believed who is was?

What if there had been no Good News to pass on?

What if no one had passed the Good News on?

What if no one continues to pass the Good News on?

Easter is not about whispers it is about shouts of acclamation.



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