As I type this it is 11pm with a dawn service at 7am, I also currently have no sermon for 10:30am and rather than writing a sermon I find myself here blogging, why?

Well I find I have nothing to say for an Easter sermon, no that isn’t quite right, I have nothing new, nothing as earth shattering and earth changing as that first Easter.  Oh I could troll out the standard fare, I could waffle on about new life and recognition, I could neatly weave in how the events of the last week, the week called Holy, were sanctified by God’s presence, even the horrific things.  I could talk about joy and angels and women.  I could proclaim how the opening of the tomb should open all doors and end all injustice and prejudice.  Now I am not saying that such things shouldn’t be said, or indeed it is wrong to preach such things, but for me this year such words, and sentiments can not match the power of that glory breaking forth, they can not express the depth, the width, and height of what Easter means.  Things can never be the same again.  Not things can never be the same as they were 2,000 years ago before Christ first rose from the dead, but they can not be the same as they were before we recounted his death again on Good Friday, no that isn’t right either.  They can not be the same as they were when we slipped into Lent, a seasonal 40 days ago, with ash marks to remind us of our mortality and that all things can be, will be and should be made new..

If Christ’s death doesn’t change us, we who follow Him, how can it change the world?  If Christ’s rising again isn’t a rising to a new beginning but rather to a continuation of the same old same old, where is Resurrection?

So I sit here and think I will just wait, I will wait for the Resurrection and see what happens then.  I will wait and see if there is indeed Resurrection or if nothing has changed and Lent and Holy Week didn’t really happen at all.  If I find the former I will rejoice and shout Alleluia, and I know there will be plenty to say.  If I find the later then maybe there is nothing to say.  Either way for now I feel quite content to go sleep and wait for the dawn.


2 thoughts on “Alleluia?

  1. I came across a thought provoking introduction to an Easter sermon which I will paraphrase. It went very approximately like this………

    I absolutely reject the resurrection of Christ and cannot claim that he is alive!
    My absolute rejection comes every time I walk past a beggar without any wish to get involved. I reject the living Christ when turn on the TV news and see refugees displaced by war or tragedy and when I have no wish to insist that my nation get involved with the problem. I reject a resurrected Jesus when I show no welcome and no hospitality for the newcomer, I reject any notion that Jesus is alive for my community and my world when I am not interested in seeking justice for the downtrodden.

    Once in a while Jesus is resurrected for me. Jesus is alive when I take the notion of forgiveness from the Sermon on the Mount and truly forgive someone who has done me a bad turn. Jesus is alive in my life when I comfort the sad, when I give more than I have to give to a deserving charity, and when I seek Jesus face in the face of my neighbour who has a different set of beliefs to me.

    If Jesus is not alive for me how should I reply when the preacher says “Christ is risen.” “I would like to say he is risen indeed!” yet I need to reflect….
    (NB I have posted one or two of my lectionary Easter Sermons and an article entitled “Heresy at Easter” on my website – but I would need to warn you in advance that some fundamentalists think I am too liberal!)


    • Thank you for your insight. I certainly recognise such a start to a sermon. I will have a look at your ‘heresies’ when I have more time, as no fundamentalist I doubt I will think of them in that vein.


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