This is Not Jesus

Locally Stations of the Cross are held on a Monday evening, so to do them again today just didn’t feel right, yet that walk, that repetition, the images, the prayers all make this day a day that beats a heart, while Jesus’ stops beating.

So today we walked round Jerusalem visiting the stations of the people, people on the fringes of the story, getting ever closer to the Cross.

At each station we had a meditation, prayer, silence and with the words: ‘This is not Jesus’ we moved on singing  ‘As we go down to the river to pray’ getting ever nearer to the Cross.

We met a pregnant woman, a Baker, some Roman women, a Centurion, Lazarus, Judas, Pilate.  Then we stood, or sat, or knelt and heard the last words as other music faded in and out with Iain Campbell’s powerful triptych hanging in front of us.

??????????As 3 o’clock approached and before silence fell these words were spoken:
This is not Jesus… we have come to remember his death and suffering
his blood and pain… and all the other things not in that picture…
What would Jesus be like:

more Syrian
with a crown of thorns
more migrant like
blue lipped
flies buzzing round about

We have met many people on the way
none of them really knew who Jesus was…
Not just those on the outskirts of the story…
but even those closer to Jesus…
Lazarus who saw him as friends…
Judas as Messiah…
Pilate as troublemaker…
how do we see him?…

who is Jesus?

At each station people got a prayer card, relating to the station and when they left a random section of the image ‘This is not Jesus.’

Good Friday Prayer cards 2016


The Good Friday service was held at New Kilpatrick, which was just as well for All Saints doesn’t have the room to allow that number of people to move about.  It is also the home of Iain’s triptych ‘This is not Jesus’ which he kindly allowed us to copy and hand out pieces of.


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