Ready the Room


Today as people arrived they were invited to come and sit at the table, around the table, a table of gathering, a table bare apart from patches of cloth, needles and thread.  We started to chat to play a game of cards, to do things that people do when they gathered, then someone picked up a square of cloth ….

Lazarus’ no longer needed ban036e04ea75c39480864b6ce6bb224556dages and without words I had been sowing his bandages back together on Monday.  On Tuesday I added Judas napkin dropped as he rushed away and yesterday the towel Pilate dried his newly washed hands upon had been added to the patchwork.  I passed the cloth and invited others to add the patch in front of them, to sew together gathered patches.  So today as we sat and told the stories, the stories of Exodus and Promised Lands, the stories of hope and promise, the stories of angels and bread, all of us added to the cloth, each patch adding our own story brought even if left untold, all part of the story, the story of God’s people.  The story of gathered people round a table.  We asked questions, we laughed, and with needle and thread the patchwork grew.

And then we left, for all wasn’t yet ready the time had not yet arrived.  We left to return later once all is ready to hear the continuation of those stories in a meal, tonight’s story.


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