Okay I can hear you, Spy Wednesday is tomorrow, why are you doing Judas today?  Well there are two answer to that, firstly because we wanted to mix things up a bit and make people think differently, remember our sub title for the week? Secondly because we wanted to do Pilate tomorrow.  Of course neither of those will excuse those who think everything should be kept in order during Holy Week and the meditation that follows is from after the Last Supper.

Today’s taster from our smorgasbord came after a kite a bride and a elderly woman told us their tales, of broken friendships, shattered dreams, the choices of life.

It was just another meal, or so we thought,
so I thought.
We had eaten together so many times before.
Eaten and laughed, talked, debated, even argued.
Argued among ourselves about who was the greatest, he,
he never argued.

Okay so maybe it wasn’t quite just another meal, it was the Passover
Elijah’s place set,
The rest of us gathered,
telling the stories.
Bitter herbs.
blood on lintels,
the escape,
the mountain.
manna, water from the rock.

Another meal water into wine,
another meal bread for thousands,
another meal scoffing from the Pharisees,
calling us drunkards and gluttons.

This was our meal,
the meal of our people,

the meal of our ancestors,
the meal of hope
the meal of triumph.

What was that?
What did Jesus just say?

I take the offered bread.
I need to get out,
the bread and cloth fall to the floor.
I flee, to them, commissioned to kick-start the victory.


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