This year Holy Week has a different flavour locally.  The subtitle for the week which will greet everyone each day is:

This Week isn’t about giving answers or feeling comfortable. It is about asking the uncomfortable questions, many of which we can only begin to find the answers to after Easter’s Dawn.

Today we looked into the valley – the valley of dry bones – the valley where death shadows – the valley that Lazarus visits. But the valley isn’t for staying in, well not today at least.

This is but a snippet of what was offered today.

Lazarus found himself in a valley

a deep dark valley

wrapped in grave clothes, clothes that didn’t fit.

Looking round he saw no one,

yet despite his sisters mourning wails he was not alone.

He looked down

down to the valley floor

it was covered with bones, dry bones.

No wind, no sun, no rain, no life.

How had he got here?

In the distance he heard a voice.

Come out Lazarus.


He turned,

he looked,

no one,

no one at all,

but he didn’t feel afraid.

Dust eddies formed in the stiring wind.

The dust swirled between the bones

and the bones rattled.

In the rattling bones he heard a voice.

Come out Lazarus.


He knew that voice.

He remembered the comfort of green pastures,

where he had sat and listened.

He remembered the still waters of a lake,

when he had watched a boat.

He remembered a picnic with thousands,

of laughter, astonishment, bounty left over,

overflowing goodness.

A voice from those memories echoed,

come out Lazarus.


Bone upon bone

sinew and flesh

wind and life.

Come out Lazarus.


The voice called,

called him to a safer path,

a path outside the valley, his path

for this path was not his … yet.

Comfort washed over him

he turned

light streamed through his bandages.

A staff steadied his step.

the sun warmed him,

Jesus’ led him out the valley,

Mary and Martha wept.



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