Advent Throws A Curve Ball

On a Saturday I usually get together all the things I need for a Sunday and gather them at the foot of the stairs.  Before I go to bed I make sure everything is ready, prepared for the following day, otherwise I just can’t sleep.  In the morning I get up and once I have done the usual shower/dress/cup of coffee from the machine beside the bed, I go downstairs pick up the bundle and head out the door for the early service, leaving the rest of the house untouched until Hubby gets up.

Last Sunday was much like all the others that had gone before it, until I opened the front door.

I had prepared for Church.  I had written my sermon, gathered the various things together that I needed to give to various people, the Advent 3 service booklets were printed and in my arms, I had charged my kindle, I had got myself ready, there was nothing, absolutely nothing, I had forgotten.

My preparation was all done, I had prepared, but God had other plans.

Not only had I prepared but I had thought I had covered all the possibilities, all the options, along with a couple of items which I didn’t think I would need, but was taking along just in case someone else had forgotten, I had everything I needed.

I had been lulled into a false sense of security about my own preparedness, through habit, through circumstances, through the ridiculously warm winter we are experiencing.  For as I stood at the door and looked out the car was covered in a thick layer of ice and I wasn’t prepared for that.  I wasn’t ready for that.  I had dawdled getting ready and was heading out the door at the last possible minute – safe in the knowledge of all my preparation.  I hadn’t checked if the can of spray to clear the car in a hurry was there or even still had anything in it.   I thought I was prepared but in reality I wasn’t prepared for what was now before me.

As I hurriedly cleared the ice off the car I thought: Well there is an Advent lesson for you Kirstin.

As I drove to church I smiled to myself and thought:  If only this had happened yesterday I would have included it in the sermon.

By the time the sermon came around, what I had prepared had been cast aside – Are we prepared, prepared that is for what God has in store for us, not what we ourselves think we need to be prepared for?  More than that, are we prepared to lay aside those things we thought preparation was all about to follow God down different paths?

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