Advent 2 – Oil of Prophesy and Righteousness

The second Sunday of Advent is one when we turn to the Prophets – ‘Oil from The Branch’

Oil from The Branch

Golden drops of God’s annointing, for kings, and the sick.
Golden drops to feed God’s people, souls and minds, bodies and flesh.
Golden drops to bless and cleanse.
Golden drops to refresh and challenge.

To get those blessings, those annointings, healings, feedings, first the olives need to be pressed.   It is easy to look at Biblical figures and think of them as especially holy, yet the prophets struggled just as we do.  They fought against what God wanted them to do.  Some purposefully took the opposite route, for a while at least.  They didn’t really want to say the tough stuff that people needed to hear, they knew in the speaking of it people would turn against them.  We need to learn not only from what the prophets said but also from what the did, eventually despite all their own misgivings and fears they followed God and put all their own thoughts aside, and God blessed them.

In this offering there are 5 olives representing the five major prophets and 12 drops of oil representing the 12 minor prophets.  Of course I would normally argue that John the Baptist and other Old Testament figures who do not have a prophetic book named after them should be included.  However, as John gets his own day next week and some of those who could be called prophets can also be called patriarchs and were included last week, I stuck to the eponymous prophets.  Showing the olives on the branch also highlights a recurring prophesy about the Messiah will come from the linage of King David.  The background for this week is the traditional violet of Advent.


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