Jesus Wept

When messages of hope need to be sent.
When packages of food and shelter are the greatest gift.
When fear is rife and peace a stranger.
Bombs are sent,
to chase peace yet further from the door.
Destruction is advocated,
to add to the misery which is already a constant companion.

And Jesus wept.

When hate is used dressed up as justice.
When wrong is disguised as right.
The world still turns, but now the red hue spreads.
Tears will fall.
Innocents will die.
Just because it will be in some foreign land doesn’t make it okay.

Jesus weeps and I weep with him,
I weep with those whose tears have yet to fall as echos to the falling of bombs.
I weep for those for whom peace just moved further away.

Tonight I know a fear I thought I would never know again.  The fear of nursing a new born child in the mornings early hours and knowing I could do nothing to protect him should a button be pressed and a cloud and wind come sweeping down our street.
Tonight another mother in another country nurses her new born child …

Laugh and the whole world laughs with you,
weep and … no you do not weep alone.

But something more than tears is needed,
ears are blocked
pride will play its part to keep them blocked.

Helplessness courses through me.
Sorry isn’t a hard word to say at all, I could scream it from the rooftops, but it wouldn’t change a thing.
So instead tears fall.


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