What’s in a Name?

We never used to name our storms but suddenly someone somewhere decided that maybe we should import that from The States along with everything else.  The public were asked to suggest names and of the A’s Abigail become the first named storm to tickle these islands. I say tickle for which on the other side of the pond the named storms are violent and  cause devastation on scales we rarely see, Abigail blustered through like a winter damsel in a strop, nothing more.

I find it fascinating how the fact this storm has been named has risen its status above that of similar storms in previous years.  This is nowhere near the infamous storm that the public in Scotland named in January 2012, yet she is trending over on Twitter and people are talking about her rather than simply bemoaning the weather.

It would appear that giving a storm a name changes how people perceive it, but isn’t that always the case?

Titles and names can have an impact on how we perceive them, be they a human, a storm, a car or indeed anything else.  If you have ever spent months trying to pick a name for a long awaited child you will know how important a name can be.

Emmanuel, now that’s a name!

A name that storms through quietly but changes everything.

Jesus Christ, another name this time with a title.

A name which makes some people baton down the hatches and run for cover.

Messiah –

a name that brings fear some hearts and joy to others.

Good Shepherd, a name to bring peace but also raises thoughts of grief in peoples hearts.

I could go on, names have an impact, they impact how we think, how we act and react.  They touch deep within us, even if we don’t realise it. Whether it be for good or bad names work upon us.  Just how the naming of our winter storms will work into our physche only time will tell.


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