Laying Down Our Burdens

Today a group of pilgrimages from St Mary’s Cathedral in Glasgow and All Saints, Bearsden jourenyed to St Ninians Cave, in the beautiful Isle of Whithorn, where the waves on the pebbly beach and the calls of soaring skylarks are the only sounds to be heard.

St Ninians Bay

It may be October, it may be the West of Scotland, but the day was beautiful, a gentle autumn sun, a light breeze that caressed the skin but brought no chill.  The only water being that which had long since fallen on other ground and made it’s way to the beach by stream or sea.

Speaking of water, this is how we prepared to meet with Christ through the Eucharist:

We have come to this place with our joys and sorrows, our hopes, our dreams and our burdens. Burdens that can hold us back, burdens that can constrain the Spirit within us, burdens which can stop us being all God would have us be. As Ninian travelled over the sea, as we were baptised in water, we now through this water lay our burdens down in this place.

In silence we each pour out some water a symbol of our burdens

We can not pick this water back up, we have to leave it here. We can not carry it back we have to trust it now to God. Soon all sign of it will be gone.
God cleanses us completely.
Lord, we know you love and cherish us, help us to accept your love and mercy and walk in your light freed from all that weighs us down or darkens our path hampering our journey with you.   Amen.


St Ninian’s Cave Eucharist – St Mary’s Cathedral & All Saints Bearsden – Pilgrimage 2015

One thought on “Laying Down Our Burdens

  1. Kirsten, how good to hear from you again – I had lost you in the ether of the www! I had never heard of St Ninian or his cave so I have just checked it out – what a delightful place it looks. Glad to hear you are still out and about and living life to the full.


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