All People Find Refuge Under the Shadow of Your Wings!

The sea can be a dangerous place, regardless if you are a seasoned sailor or a desperate refugee.  Regardless of the size of the vessel you are in.

For some they sail the seas far from home, so that those at home can have a better life.  They live away from their family and friends, often lonely existences void of any stimulation, just the daily drudgery of work on a container ship.  Days meld into one another, ports become just another concrete pier.

For others, others who also sail the seas far from the place they once called home, their families travel with them, but the journeying if for the same reason, to give their families a better life.  Their lives are bombarded with stimuli.  Fear becomes their driving force, fear of what lies behind, fear of what lies ahead, fear of no future for themselves or for their children.

All People Find Refuge Under the Shadow of Your Wings! Psalm 36:7b

For those on the waters of this blue planet my prayer for you is that you will find safety under the shadow of God’s wings.  May the waves never overcome you and I pray that you reach a harbour that is not only safe but which you call home and in which you know love and peace.

All People Find Refuge Under the Shadow of Your Wings!

I have been wanting to try using gesso for awhile now and with Revd Tim Tunley from the Missions to Seafarers visiting All Saints last Sunday and my prayers still so much with those fleeing Syria I turned to the canvas.  With the background painted I thought I would try a wave come angel wings with the gesso.  More practice is needed, however it was fun and I am happy enough with the outcome. 

This picture came out of prayer while ‘Sentinels’ my last picture became a prayer.  I found it more peaceful and less demanding to pray a painting than to paint a prayer, but maybe the subject matter had something to do with that.

I don’t think I said why I had decided to be more regular with my painting – it is okay I am not going to be posting everything on here only those paintings I feel a wish to blog about – well in the course of two days, two different people told me about two separate pieces of research which both suggest engaging in artistic endeavours for at least 3 hours a week can assist the brain in repairing any memory blips.  It is thought that creative thought helps the brain to create new neurological pathways and thus a brain which is used to doing such things might repair itself quicker should any trauma happen.  Scoff if you must, however not only was one of those individuals a person whom most certainly knows what she is talking about but my Graves Disease does mean I am more likely than most to suffer with memory problems.  At the depth of my illness I could hardly remember my own name, or how to stand up.  Plus it certainly isn’t going to do me any harm.


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