Unremitting Joy – 12

Again the Gospel accounts don’t quite match, for while all the accounts mention angels they don’t all call them that or have the same number in the same place.  They are standing, sitting on the rock, sitting in the tomb, descending from heaven to open the tomb.  What all the Gospels agree on is that angels were present.  I am a great fan of the arts and craft movement and artists such as Edward Burn-Jones often depict their angels with rainbow wings.  So today as we do not know for certain how many angels appeared at the tomb I offer a single rainbow angel feather as a sign that they were indeed there.

How often have we been unaware of God’s presence, unaware of God’s messengers urging us, chastising us, encouraging us, imparting Good News to us?  Look around the signs are there, the signs that they have passed by, and even if they are not always noticed at the time, their message of joy, peace, and love for all will never die.

Angel Feather


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