Unremitting Joy – 6

Matthew’s dramatic account continues with an angel coming down from heaven, and actually rolling away the stone.  While the other Gospel writers don’t tell us how the stone was moved, Matthew recounts the detail.

‘… for an angel of the Lord, descending from heaven, came and rolled back the stone and sat on it’

Matthew 28:2b

I have often felt that verse needs a ta dah! at the end of it.  After all we have concerns and discussions as a variety of people approach the tomb about what they are going to do with the stone.  There is no thought that Jesus’ body wont be there, no thought about whether the guards would let them into the tomb, no thought about the smell, but lots of thought about the stone and that proves to be the most simple of things for, ta dah, God sends an angel to roll it back.

Sometimes we make life far more difficult than it need be, I think it is part of the modern mind set to make mountains out of mole hills.  It appears the more we learn and the more we know, the more complicated we have to make things, we have rules and regulations for everything, things can’t just be, they have to be rationised.  I can’t help but wonder just how long the Health and Safety form for rolling a stone away from a tomb would be when there is no need for a form, no need for debate, no need for worry.  If it is God’s plan the way will be found, maybe we need to worry less and let those ta dah moments happen … oh and maybe we should be less surprised when they do.

06 Angel Came Down from Heaven



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