Unremitting Joy – 5

Matthew’s account of the resurrection is full of drama:

And suddenly there was a great earthquake.

Matthew 28:2a

The Lord of heaven and earth is interceding, the God who created the earth is now shaking it to its very foundations.  When all there was was a formless void and darkness the world shook as it was created, now a new creation was being declared and once more the world shook.  Only Matthew tells us of an earthquake and he does it both here and at the moment of Jesus’ death.  These two events, each in there own way, were earth shattering for Matthew.  All these years later we think of earthquakes as things bringing about doom and despair, death and destruction, but here, this earthquake heralds life and hope and glorious new beginnings.

Maybe we need to start looking at things differently, look at the good that can come out of the destructive ways of this world, the new shoots of hope and peace that can grow amidst horror and fear, new relationships that can be forged from broken lives and communities.  The world is a troubled place but we need not despair for we live as people of the Resurrection and that means their is always hope and life.



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