On Sunday members of St Andrew’s took a short pilgrimage to The Cathedral of the Isles in Millport.  The sun shone and the fellowship flowed and the day ended up with a concert at the Cathedral followed by fish and chips at Nardini’s.  However it wasn’t just a jolly in the midst of the laughter and singing there was stillness as people took the opportunity to walk the labyrinth David and team have set in the grass in front of the College of the Holy Spirit.


This was a new experience for all but one of our group and several people commented how even after they had stepped out of the Labyrinth they found themselves walking slowing and feeling still and very peaceful.

Labyrinth 1

A couple of people had been expecting a maze with tall hedges, but a Labyrinth isn’t something to get lost in rather it is something to find God and peace within and having shed your burdens leave it fill afresh with the Holy Spirit.  Oh I know those are those who say Labyrinths have no place in Christianity, I think they are wrong, how can something which helps people better search for God’s will in their lives be anything but good.

I mentioned a concert within it there was a piece of music I had never heard before Kenneth Leighton’s Elegy for Cello, and incredibly moving piece of music which thankful You Tube has provided a performance of for you to listen to.


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