Who Lived in A House Like This?

I don’t know who lives in it now, I don’t know who will live in it next, it is currently up for sale at POA, and as I am not going to apply I am not going to know, however I do know who once lived in it before it was in the estate agents words: ‘thoughtfully and tastefully extended and improved to provide first class accommodation appointed to a very high standard.’

Castle Cottage

Who, who I hear you cry, you are crying out aren’t you?  Well the milkman but not just any milkman oh no.  George one of my great, great, great grandfathers along with his wife Mary and their children.  George and Mary’s names were a bit of a disappointment after the seemingly competitive nature of naming children in the Victorian era however seeing their home trumped any name as we poured over the floor plan trying to work out what was the original cottage.

Daughter and I were up late into the hours of this morning getting engrossed in tracing the family tree on my mother’s side, indeed if the site hadn’t told us we couldn’t have any more searches we might have been at it all night.  On the 1861  census we found out the name of the cottage they lived in, Castle Cottage, which sent me to the wonders of the internet on a very, very long shot.  Imagine the squeals, well actually there weren’t so much squeals as impressions of Brian Blessed (If you watched his ‘Who do You Think You Are?’ you will be able to imagine just why.) when we found it was for sale.  Clicking on the link which downloaded the pdf we weren’t sure what we would see before us but when the file opened we both felt a shiver.  Obviously we never knew them but strangely seeing where they lived, even with it being ‘thoughtfully and tastefully extended’ brings us closer to them.  Next time I am down Londinium way I am going to search this cottage out and walk up the lane that my ancestors walked and if I feel brave maybe knock on the door with a pint of milk in hand.

ps If I win the lottery before it is sold I am going to buy it, well maybe.


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