Needles and Pins

Tonight at the Rectory we will be taking on the mantle of Tabitha and holding our first Dorcas Group, but needles and glue might be a more accurate title for this post.  As I said at St Andrew’s on Sunday this Group is not restricted to those who have two names – Dorcas was also known as Tabitha – nor to women, nor indeed to those who are renowned dressmakers and can thread a needle before the evening is over and do something useful and/or beautiful with it.  We might do some sticking, cutting, decorating, sanding, knitting, crocheting, painting and yes a little sewing as offerings are made to be sold at the Coffee Morning at the end of November which is neither an Advent nor Christmas Fair.  Did you know that Tabitha meant gazelle?  Graceful, nimble, beautiful, oh I do hope that is how the crafts turn out.  I also said that the only talent needed is the ability to know which end of a Pritt Stick to use I do hope I haven’t set the bar too low.  After all, as enjoyable as the evening hopefully will be, its primary purpose is to make items that people will want to buy.

I have one rule when it comes to making things for sale at charity type events.  Don’t spend more on the materials than you will get for the finished product, so I often head to the local charity shops, clothes (for the material and buttons), odd glasses (that will fit a tea light and can be decorated, or paper shades made for), tatty old books with torn pages which they will give away if you arrive at the right time – ie when they are being unpacked – not much use for reading but the pages can be useful; costume jewelery, in the past I have even brought a rather awful hand knitted jumper for 10p to unravel and use the fluffy white wool from.  However there is something that I can no longer get and use to be able to pick up for pennies, china cups and saucers.  Actually it is not true to say you can’t get them because you can, however the current craze for vintage high teas means they no longer go for pennies, even the odd ones.  However, for £1.50, I did manage to pick up 6 coffee cups and saucers with red and gold trim which will be filled with frankincense scented candles.  Guess coffee cups are the latest thing to go out of fashion.

Actually I have two rules, the other is don’t make the same thing year, after year, after year.  Especially if it is going to be sold at the same place year, after year, after year.  It can be hard coming up with new ideas and a couple of old favourites will always sneak in, I doubt I will ever stop with the candle in cups as there is always someone who buys one, however they don’t sell in the quantity they once did.  There are two reasons for having to come up with new ideas, firstly those that wanted one have one, and secondly other people see the idea and use it so it is no longer novel.  You would think Pintrest and the like it would be easy to find new ideas, you would be wrong.  For while people might pin pretty pictures of finished products often finding how they were made is a task in itself nevermind finding something that is novel, easy and cheap to make which people will want to also buy.

What will we end up making, well watch this space I might have a better idea after tonight.



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