Unanswered Questions

Whose feet once climbed these stairs?

??????????Was it the rush of childhood feet, jumping down two at a time late for the school bus?

Or the sullen tread of a teenager moping up to their bedroom?

Maybe the weary trudge of a mother carrying a pile of washing down or the freshly laundered clothes back?

Or the firm step of a father arriving back from field or boat or office to wash the tiredness of the day away?

Perhaps the measured steady faithful steps of someone in their later years carry a cup of cocoa up to bed?

Did young lovers climb them in excited anticipation?

How many shouted conversations have flowed up and down them?

Have they known the crawling of a baby learning to climb up them for the first time?

Or echo to the heavy feet of those carrying someone down for the last time?

Did anyone ever come tumbling down them?

Was a toe ever stubbed as someone missed timed their climb up them?

Did any of those scenarios or none of them take place?

How many hands held those newel posts?

Was is used to steady, to swing on, to hang a bag or coat on?

How many feet climbed those stairs?

Why are they no longer climbed?

Who was the last to climb them and just why did they never return?


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