St Clement’s, Rodel, Isle of Harris

While at the north of Lewis there is the delightful church of St Moluag’s on the southern tip of Harris is the enchanting church of St Clement’s, Rodel.  Unlike St Moluag’s it is no longer in use as a church but it is still a very special place touched by God.

??????????Perched on a hill over looking the Atlantic Ocean for centuries the only way to approach it was by boat.

??????????In the graveyard the butterflies collect nectar from the buttercups …

??????????and the trees bow in reverence to the the holiness of the place (and no doubt the wind that was totally lacking when we visited) …

??????????Now you no longer need a boat to visit St Clements, there is a road, however the steep path to its door meant once more there was a journey to get there nestled as it is within the hillside …

??????????with windows which look as it there are house height from outside prove to be more the traditional church height once inside.

??????????Again a green sheen echoed as a significant portion of the west end is below ground level, the air was that refreshing cool way of stone buildings, the bright spring sun shone through the windows and within those walls there was a deep peace and sense of wonder …

??????????along with carvings which have survived in varying degrees …

????????????????????????????????????????including angels censing …

DSCN4289and blowing trumpets.

??????????Again I could have stayed much longer it was a place where the urge to take off ones shoes for it is holy ground is strong.

??????????It is memories like this that can sustain us through the difficult times, but more than that St Clement’s once more struck me with a message we need to hear.  Just like our visit to St Moluag’s it renewed my belief that the 21st century church needs to re-engage with pilgrimage and that such pilgrimages don’t need to be to places of renown or formal but happenings to places of Holy Ground where God’s presence is not clouded by the demands the modern world heaps upon us.  Places were we have space to breathe and have God’s breath revive us.


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