Good Shepherd Sunday

Today being Good Shepherd Sunday and my first day back at work I couldn’t but help drifting back to the Isles of Lewis and Harris and the sheep which were in full blown lambing.  At every turn the lambs, who were now steady on their legs, were gamboling and frolicking over every wall and burn they could find, all expect this one with the beginnings of a purple Mohican.  There is some dry grass, however, this one took its rest in the Herbridean sun.

??????????It reminded me of a lamb who once might have rested in the straw of a stall.  Of the new life which had brought about a death and through that death abundant new life.  Of a weary mother welcoming her new son as that Son in turn would welcome weary fishers on the shore.  The alpha and the omega the beginning of the story and the end, I thought, then again no for there is no beginning and no end just one joyous abundance from now and through eternity.


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