Rock Climbing

While in Skye last year we stayed opposite this cliff:

Skye CliffIt is hard to express my yearning to be on top of that cliff, I am sure the views would have been spectacular out towards the Western Isles and South over the Isle of Skye itself.  I am not one for rock climbing so the only way it might have been possible was to approach it from inland, however there was no access.  So the cliff remained majestical, inviting yet unobtainable, in the evening light it glowed and glimmered, as morning fog cleared it glistened like a jewel.

As I tackled the Gospel reading for Sunday I recalled this cliff.  Sometimes we are presented with things that are massive and difficult to negotiate, there are occasions when even circumnavigating isn’t possible and we are left with a choice.  Tackle it straight on or walk away, those that know me know that I am not one for walking away.  So it was tackled and today I keep going back to the this picture and wondering if I managed to scale any of it at all or am still languishing on the rocky foreshore.

You see the most difficult thing about these hard passages in the Bible is that in tackling them and not walking away from them suddenly the cliff only seems to get bigger!


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