Edinburgh Feet – the third

For the last in this little trio of posts Giorgio Vasari (1511-1574) provides an interpretation of the Magi presenting their gifts .  The artwork is a smaller painting of the altarpiece of the burial chapel of Pope Pius V.

The Adoration of the MagiAs the infant Jesus reaches out for the golden crown one of the Magi has brought two more Magi kiss his feet in adoration.  As soon as I saw this picture I was reminded of the later episode in Jesus’ life when his own feet where kissed.  Indeed later on we saw The Sacrament of Penance by Nicolas Poussin, which is in a small side room with his other sacrament paintings, and shows that scene however that picture didn’t come out so you will have to go to the Scottish National Gallery to see it for yourself or  click here to see it on line.



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