Sloe Gin

Back in November I acquired some sloes, which meant but one thing sloe gin.

Sloe gin is very easy to make there are but four ingredients sloes, gin, and sugar, the hardest part is the fourth ingredient waiting for at least two months for it to be ready.  It should be turned every couple of days for the first month and then every week for the next I try to forget about it in between turnings.  Once the two months is up the turning isn’t as important and I try to totally forget about it so that the flavour can really develop but today Stephen unwittingly reminded me about it and with an empty decanter in wait it could be forgotten no longer.

This batch is a bit pale but hey it is all in the taste right?


sloe gin


6 thoughts on “Sloe Gin

  1. That looks quite splendid – including the beautiful glasses! I’ve had home made sloe gin, sloe vodka and (this year) plum brandy given to me for Christmas in recent times – all delicious. Really must get round to making some for myself.


    • It is so easy Diana you really should, my next one is going to be some blackcurrant vodka. Never tried making plum brandy but I probably should as I like drinking it.


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