New Beginnings

Okay there was a rather weak attempt a couple of weeks back to get back into blogging but today marks a rather large milestone in my life.  Rather than being downcast about reaching my half century I have decided to declare it as a time of new beginnings.  They aren’t resolutions or indeed any kind of bucket list more a mental note of things I keep promising myself but never quiet finding the time to realise.  Neither does the list have any kind of ranking but blogging is firmly on it so today begins a return to regular blogging.

I think over the past year blogging has changed quite markedly.  It would appear that many of those who once blogged often have now either stopped blogging or now blog only occasionally.  I also think that the demise of Goggle Reader has had an impact on the reading of blogs, many people have struggled to find a replacement that suits them and consequently have stopped reading them altogether.

So is this really the time to begin blogging again, wouldn’t I be better using my time in some other way?  Well I think that blogging has a future but the future might be very different from the past and maybe what I need to do is invest sometime into just what that future might be.


6 thoughts on “New Beginnings

  1. Happy Birthday, Kirstin.

    I agree that blogging has changed quite a bit over the last year or so.

    Google Reader’s demise was a significant moment. I also think that the rise of twitter and facebook had an effect and a certain amount of chatter moved from blogs to social media.

    I agree that blogging has a good future. I think that people who are focused, post longer posts and who use strong visual material are all being rewarded in the new blogosphere. Content remains king, particularly content which asks questions. Longer posts seem to work because short thoughts probably work better on social media anyway. I also think that those who know how to use social media to drive people to their blogs tend to be rewarded and a lot of the folk who have given up blogging were people who didn’t learn that trick.

    Feedly works for me as a blog reader, by the way. Took me a week to get used to it but now it just seems a natural replacement for Google Reader.

    Oh, and blogs are always going to get more comments which don’t require one to log in in order to post one. I’ve struggled to post this and had to try a couple of times.


    • I am intrigued by your thought with regard to longer posts. Part of me was also thinking that but then a little voice said no people want something quick in today’s world, I totally agree with the visual and have always tried to carry a high amount of visual content on my blog I think that a good visual can indeed draw someone to read something they might not otherwise.
      The comment point is valid and longer posts which question need an ease of commenting wordpress fails miserably on this if the person wishing to comment isn’t logged into a wordpress account, I have had similar problems with your blog so I don’t think getting a domain will necessary sort that one out, although I have considered it. It is certainly something that needs addressed one way or the other.


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