Do not be Afraid

Today’s Gospel reading was Mark’s recounting of Jesus walking on the water and I was reminded of one of Douglas Strachan’s windows in Kilbrandon Church.

Christ walking on water Douglas Strachan window Kilbrandon Church Mark doesn’t give us the account of Peter stepping out of the boat, instead he highlights the fear of the disciples.  His Gospel tells us that Christ was going to pass the disciples by but it was only when they cried out thinking he was a ghost that he spoke to them telling them not to be afraid.

There is so much in this window the wave that appears to be almost reaching down past the sail to grab at the disciples, the fear in their posture, but mostly I find myself pondering on the colour used in Christ’s robes.  He is almost camouflaged, without the leading of the stained glass he would almost disappear.  I ponder is that to emphasis the ghost-like qualities that the disciples saw, or is it to signify how Christ and creation are one, there is nothing to fear as Christ is the Lord of all.  Maybe both, maybe neither, regardless there is something about Christ’s posture which says he is in charge.  As the wording under the angel at the top of this window declares:  It is I be not afraid.  Christ will never let us sink beneath the waves for if he himself isn’t there angels will be sent to our aid.

Do Not Be Afraid Douglas Strachan window Kilbrandon Church



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