Epiphany Angel

I consider myself most fortunate indeed to posses a very early lithograph of Edward Burne-Jones’ “Star of Bethlehem”.  While this means it doesn’t have the colour of the original it is still, to my mind, exquisite and I can happily waste time looking at it, the detail is delicious and so intricate, and from my first ever sighting of it I have always loved the way the angel holds the star.

Of course the other delightful thing about this picture is that Jesus is clearly not a baby and while it would appear that the Magi haven’t found Mary and Jesus in a house as Matthew recounts, it is more of a bower than a stable.  However, those three visitors have blinking crowns even if they aren’t actually wearing them!  Oh well I suppose better two myths corrected than none I suppose.

If you want to see the full picture in all its technicolour and can’t be bothered putting in it in your search engine you can click here.