12 Days of Christmas

Mid December and my name was mud amongst the flower ladies at All Saints.

I had made the suggestion that maybe rather than the usual flowers at Christmas they did a floral 12 days of Christmas.  I had it all in my head I could see how the tabernacle could become the partridge for the pear tree, how the Lords could leap their way round the door, how the calling birds could sing from the rafters, how the ladies had left ballet shoes and maids their milking pail to become surrounded with flowers and greenery, swans feathers peaking out between holly and ivy.  Of course it wasn’t much good in there especially as I couldn’t manage along to the meeting, however despite the reticence they decided to give it a try although those who weren’t at the meeting were horrified when they heard and discovered what they had been left with.

With Advent letting go of its grip and Christmas fast approaching they gathered to start decorating the church and what a joyful morning it was.  Lots of tales of trying to get hold of things, laughs over silly ideas which had been ditched, grand unveilings as bags were opened, cries for bluetac and other things not usually found in a florists kitbag.

They rose to the challenge and my Christmas Eve sermon was re-written as I decided that I too should take a 12 days of Christmas theme with Frank Kelly giving me a helping hand, pictures of the flowers are below.

1st day

2nd day

One each side of the choir

3rd day

4th day

Four hanging from four of the wooden pillars

5th day

6th day

7th day

an extra glass swan was added to a 20+ year old drawing by a member of the congregation

8th day9th day10th day11th day12th day


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