Kilbrandon Church

For over 20 years I have been visiting Seil Island on a regular basis, so how Kilbrandon Church has evaded me in all that time I am not sure, but this year it was put to rights.

The main reason for ensuring that this time it didn’t pass me by was the windows by Douglas Strachan which were presented to the church in 1938 in memory of the Marchioness of Breadalbane.

There may only be 5 windows but they are rich in colour and Biblical imagery from Creation to Christ in Glory.  I could post full windows but I am not going to as they are so full of details you will miss, instead here are just a few of the wonderful details.

The doves which returned to the ark emply beakedThe doves which returned to the ark empty beaked.

Figure raising Christ from the deadFigure raising Christ from the dead.

Elizabeth and John the BaptistElizabeth and John the Baptist.

The LeviathanThe Leviathan.

The seperated goatThe separated goat …

the lamband the lamb, sleeping like a baby in a manger.

Pelican feeding her youngPelican and her young.

The serpentThe wily serpent present in all seasons.

Angel and Crown of ThornsAlso lots of angels including this one holding Christ’s Crown of Thorns.  Indeed the angels made me pick up my paintbrush and paint a stained glass angel, but I wont inflict that upon you dear reader.


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