Funny Odd Week

Okay so it hasn’t been a week yet since I returned from retreat but everything has seemed slightly odd since my return.  Nothing is out of place, no disasters, no surprises just odd maybe the reflections we were offered are still working away on me, I have certainly been aware of a couple of them worming into conversations I have had, and indeed God of the Gap appeared in the sermon.

It hasn’t been a week of anything extraordinary either, just the bread and butter stuff of this life we lead, visits, meetings, services, well actually there was Jenni Jam to go on freshly baked still warm scones rather than bread.  Jenni is the latest addition to one of the church families a collie lab cross and she has the most wonderful temperament and the children in the family wanted me to come along and meet her and give her a blessing, which of course I was delighted to do.  The jam is called Jenni jam because it is made from the blackberries that are picked on her walks, blackberries that probably wouldn’t have been picked, by that family at least, had Jenni not been around, delicious it is too.

I lost a member of the congregation in the hospital, not in she died but I misplaced her, she wasn’t in the ward she was supposed to be in and indeed, she didn’t appear to be in any other ward.  No doubt Lady Bracknell would call me ‘careless’, but then people are moved all the time and I have misplaced people in hospitals before so it isn’t that which is odd, but something is.

Maybe it because I need to think about what to cook for dinner and actually cook it, rather than make a choice and tick my selection on the list.  I certainly miss the rhythm of saying the daily offices in company, one of the joys of any retreat for me, indeed the retreat leader can be awful but the retreat itself redeemed by the offices.  But that is hardly odd, that is life returning to the usual, something is definitely odd.

Maybe it is because a whole host of things that where taking up a whole host of time have all come to either the end or a hiatus at the same time.  Yet that is often the way with this life so there is hardly anything odd about that.

At home, the water is off again but yet again nothing new in that just a continual frustration that Scottish Water seem to be totally unable to keep a constantly supply of water to our area for longer than a fortnight!  Turning on a tap is becoming an act of faith.  While the neighbour continues to be as inconsiderate to us and the community as ever.  So nothing odd in that.

It is as if the world has tilted a bit on its axis and left me on a slightly different plane – I know that in itself sounds odd, I can tell you it feels odd and is the only current explanation.


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