All In a Weekend

It has been a bit quiet on the blog front and what has been posted has been chiefly concerning the Bearsden Festival.  I think we are about ready, the bunting has been hung and the weather has been ordered, it is all getting close and I make no apology for reminding you about it all again.

No plans for the weekend?  Why not pop along?  Actually the official unofficial slogan for the weekend is Join In!  So why not do more than simply pop along but actually join in?

There will be entertainment in myriad forms, food, prayer, crafts to try your hand at, art to look at and buy and art to be part of, ghosts to discover, spiders to hunt, a space for peace, a country dance festival to tap along with, vintage cars to gawp at, potted sports with Clyde the Commonwealth Games mascot, a concert to join the professionals singing along with, bands to watch battle, others to salsa and jazz along with and all rounded off with a Festival of Praise service on Sunday evening.

Not to mention the fringe events, discounts in local shops and friends old and new to meet up with, oh I mentioned them, never mind all the more reason to come along.

And the best bit?

Well apart from your food and drink it is all FREE!


Please leave a comment if you wish.

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