Wheat and Tares

Wheat and Tares


4 thoughts on “Wheat and Tares

  1. This photo caused me to revisit something I have been thinking on and off about the wheat/tares story. As well as being about the ambiguous interplay of good and evil, could it also have something to do with things/people who seem what they are not? The Greek text uses ‘zizania’, which NRSV translates as ‘weeds’. But in the singular, ‘zizanion’, it apparently means darnel (lolium temulentum), which looks like a grain crop. Is evil in the story displaying itself as deceit or dissimulation?


    • Thank you Eamonn, the Bible is indeed rich with word play that has got lost in translation.

      I think this whole section begins with the plucking of the ears of corn on the Sabbath at the start of Matthew 12 from that moment on Jesus uses different illustrations both in parables and his actions to show how eyes and hearts can deceive. Something greater than the temple is before them but they do not see it. So yes I think it is about deceit but I do not see it in the way you talk of.

      I think these two chapters (Matthew 12 and 13) hinge on Jesus quoting from the wonderful Isaiah 6 which also Paul uses in Acts 28. For me it is about ‘not’ recognising the wheat from the tares, how we can deceive ourselves into thinking that the tares are the wheat, or be short-sighted seeing tares where there is wheat and thus missing the full richness of the treasure that is before us. In other words it isn’t about what we think we already know and own but that we have yet to fully comprehend the greater treasure that is before us. Then as if to prove the point Jesus is not recognised in Nazareth they see him as tares something to be dismissed as if of no value, they do not have eyes to see the precious wheat, that will provide the bread of life before them.


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