The Scottish Midgie

I hate the critters it is the one thing that I don’t like about Scotland.

They have always found me to be far tastier than whoever I happen to be with and once they start boy do they feast.  I end up with big angry red lumps all over the place.  I also think I must have some kind of homing beacon for they will find me even when there isn’t supposed to be any about.

Garlic capsules keep them at bay, but I need to remember to take them and the first day I forget I get bitten.  Others swear by Avon’s Skin so Soft, however if you also needs copious amounts of sun screen the oil defeats the purpose.  Good idea for the Autumn though.  As far as I am concerned all the sprays and wipes are useless they don’t seem to switch off the big neon sign I carry above my head that only a hungry midgie can see that says dinner!  While those who aren’t bothered by them say all kind of useless things, like there are no midgies between October and May – wrong I have been bitten all year around.

The only thing that really makes any difference is rain and wind, personally I think they are so small they can’t cope with either.  Isn’t it strange that the midgie who doesn’t like rain and wind chooses Scotland to be its main residence?


4 thoughts on “The Scottish Midgie

  1. We always visit West Scotland at the start of May and luckily haven’t encountered any yet, although we still take all the sprays etc to keep them at bay if we did. We get the old ones here in the fens and they do give a nasty bite 🙂


  2. Have you tried taking daily antihistamine? Works for me. But the test for me will be next week on Skye with no fags to choke the wee blighters.


    • I used to use antihistamine and while it didn’t stop them biting it did mean that the bites where not as angry and itchy. Skye midgies will certainly be a good test!


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