Tempus Fugit

WordPress have kindly just told me happy anniversary as I have been blogging with them for 6 years (before that I blogged elsewhere).

When I was a child 6 years was forever, forget 6 years, 6 months was an age when I was but 6 years old myself.

Ballet at SixIn the first six years of my life I learned to walk and talk, write and count, draw and feed myself.  I learned to run, to climb, to swing, to build sandcastles, to pray, to decorate Christmas trees, to make grand houses with Betta Bilda – no Lego for us, to tidy my bedroom, and to mess it up again!  I could dress myself and my dolls, feed myself and the ducks.  I knew never to get into a strangers car and never to be sick in my father’s car (I am still a terrible passenger in a car even in the front passengers seat I get sick, but not if I am driving).  I knew that when my mother wolf whistled from the garage doors it meant food was on the table and it was wisest to get dressed underneath the covers on a winters morning.    And of course I learned ballet and during the next 6 plus years progressed all the way up to grade 8.  We cram an awful lot into our first 6 years, but what about the past six?

Well I have learnt patience, not that I haven’t always been patient, but being seriously ill instills a different kind of patience, a patience to accept what one can’t do.  I’ve learnt to dye my own hair, boy is that a lot cheaper.  I’ve learnt to paint, well sort of.  I’ve experienced the joy of owning a convertible car and the trials of having two churches not one.   My knowledge of all things technological has at least kept pace with the new technologies that have arrived on the scene, I don’t need a 2013 6 year old to show me how to work anything.  I have finally learnt what it is like to sleep for a whole night without waking up.

And what about the next six.  Well paragliding is high on the list, daughter is going to join me on that one.  I also have a hankering to do an MA in Theology, Media and Communication, sounds exciting doesn’t it? I was going to add some other things but with the time it will take to achieve those two and keep up everything else I doubt I will have time for any other new projects.  However time will continue to turn and the next 6 years will see me enter my second half century and my children enter into their 30’s!!!

In the past 6 years I have posted over 1,500 posts, however the majority of them where in the first half of that time, in the later half blogging has changed.  Facebook often ends up the place where books, links and the more frivolous things in life end up.  So I wonder what will happen in the next 6 years with regard to this blog, I guess only time will tell.


3 thoughts on “Tempus Fugit

  1. Wow six years, Happy Anniversary, I’m just coming up to 6 months and I can’t visualise 6 years or more of blogging yet. But I do enjoy it more than Facebook, I enjoy reading posts like yours tonight, it means something, its not shallow 🙂


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