Wearing Well

christ east wall beverley minsterOn the outside East Wall of Beverley Minster there is a very weather beaten face of Christ.  The rain, wind and elements having free reign on the once well chiseled face softening its once crisp lines.  There are some places in the minister where new heads sit on older bodies or visa versa:

backacheThis carving of a backache to me just seems odd, the soft old stone body and hand and the harsh new head and arm.  Oh I understand the desire to replace such carvings, I appreciate that if nothing is done eventually, like this carving, it will be hard to tell what it ever once was.

??????????However, I really like this weather beaten Christ, to me it speaks of the honesty and reality of following him.  This face of Christ is not the pain of the cross or the glory of the resurrection, this is the worn and somewhat tired face of keeping on despite what the world might throw.  This face speaks to me of the peace of God which passes all understanding.  I hope they never replace it for in doing so I think it would loose its beauty.


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