Whether the Weather

You know the rhyme, don’t you?

Whether the weather be fine
Or whether the weather be not
Whether the weather be cold
Or whether the weather be hot
We’ll weather the weather
Whatever the weather
Whether we like it or not.

One of the joys about living in Scotland is that we get all the weather, personally I couldn’t live somewhere that was continually hot.  Also as much as I love Iceland and Norway with their ice and snow I think I would struggle to live somewhere that was dark for a large part of the year.  I like that in Scotland we get the best of both, cold frosty mornings and big blue skies, dustings of snow and heat hazes, refreshing rain and biting wind, balmy summer evenings to sit in the garden and dark winter ones to sit in front of a roaring fire.

I don’t care if I get soaked to the skin – well not if I am on the way home – if it matters I make sure I dress for the weather.  I burn easily and rarely tan so sun screen is my friend, as it should be yours even if you do tan.

If it is cold then I add another layer, if it is hot I search for the shade and wear a hat if I am out and open a window on the shady side of the Rectory when in – there is only so many layers you can take off.  Wind open windows mean however that I mustn’t forget the citronella candles and to have my daily garlic capsule to keep those most famous of Scottish residents the midge! One day without and I have over 20 bites.

In this country we live with a massive body of water one side of us and a massive chunk of land the other so of course we are going to get mixed weather and I love it.  Personally I could do with a bit of a breeze to make this hot spell less unpleasant, but as long as the electricity doesn’t get cut off the fan will do the trick.

So whatever the weather tomorrow I am glad that it will be British weather.

2 thoughts on “Whether the Weather

  1. I am with you. Never been a sunbather-never used to go in it until I became a postie.
    And, in regard to my frequent visits north-do those capsules work with the midge?


    • I swear by garlic for midge protection I always end up getting bitten on the day I forget to take mine, while all the other stuff that you slap on and smells awful doesn’t seem to work.


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